Jake Drew and I entered into the underage drinking PSA contest. The purpose of this contest was to advertise the discouragement of underage drinking. This PSA did not require anything, but it did say that alcohol could not be used or any paraphernalia relating to alcohol. Also advertising any companies or products was prohibited as well. We chose this contest because, quite frankly, it was the most interesting of the three choices. It was between underage drinking, eating a healthy breakfast, and having good relationships with others. We felt that we could make the strongest PSA with this topic. When we were thinking of ideas for our PSA we considered the criteria of the contest and the criteria of a good PSA. We knew that PSA’s are often most effective when they are surprising, serious, or sarcastically funny. We decided to combine all three. My personal contributions to this project were; creating the idea, filming, and editing. Jake also filmed and edited alongside me. The most challenging part of this project was the script. We wanted the script to encompass humor, sarcasm, and the elements of underage drinking all at the same time, as well as being somewhat serious. If I were to do anything differently I would have written the script and made sure my actors memorize it word for word, rather than “ad libbing” when they felt it necessary. Our PSA had to be under 60 seconds so it was hard to edit when our actors rambled.


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