Client video

Our Client, Ms. Magee, wanted Sean and I to create a video that would demonstrate the procedures and safety precautions of the laboratory. When our client proposed that idea Sean and I decided to do a ‘how to’ video, demonstrating how to use the equipment and the steps one would take to being a responsible lab worker. As we pondered the style and format the video would be, we decided to make it a humorous video in order to grab the audiences attention. Lab procedure videos can be very boring, so we thought adding some humor in would be a great addition.

Creating a video for a client was a different experience. It caused Sean and I to be very organized. It was also slightly stressful because our worked was for another person to use and to show to others. This made us slightly nervous because at times that our communication with our client wasn’t at its best we did not know if we were on the right track. Overall, Sean and I were very happy with our work, our client also told us that they were satisfied. I would say that our biggest challenge was communicating with our client. At times we were not communicating and it was hard to know if our work was satisfactory.



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