When Scott and I were thinking of out idea and what we should do for our second creative project we thought back to a video we made years ago that was based off the idea of a bunch of bros going through a daily routine. Although the video was immature and extremely amateur it sparked our idea. We decided that we didn’t want to create our own scenario so we replicated an episode of Workaholics as best we could, shortening it down to fit the time requirements. We wanted to accomplish the idea of making a casual video. One where the footage was very free flowing, lots of longer single shots with movement rather than strict shots and angles. We also wanted to make humorous video that was actually humorous. Technically we excelled in our single shots. Especially during the hunting scene where we had an animal attack one of the characters. We had the camera basically be the animal. We kept the head of the animal at the bottom of the shot and had our character come in simultaneously. It basically looked as if the camera was attacking the character. Our multicam edit came in during a conversation scene. We had two people have a conversation in a car and we shot both of them simultaneously. It was successful but unfortunately the lighting for one character was very dark. If I were to do this project over I would have created better costumes for my characters. Some of the costumes were not as convincing as I had hoped them to be.



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