When we were asked to create a poem video I racked my brain for ideas and poems that I had read and heard. As I sifted through I remembered all the Shell Sylverstein poems that we read in the past as well as the Dr. Suess writings. I thought to myself that although those poems were funny and happy, they did not fit my film style. I started looking through poems on the internet when i remembered a poem I read in 8th grade called the Hangman. This poem was dark and mysterious and i felt like I could make a really neat video out of it. As far as my ideas for the video they were very straight forward. I did a literal narrative of the poem. As far as editing is concerned I freehanded the entire video just as I do for all of my videos. This gives the video a very ‘real’ feel, like the viewer is in the moment. It also gave the uncomfortable feeling that I love, especially when it comes to creepy or horror videos. I also chose to film at night and I did some color correction to make it even darker especially the reds symbolizing blood. I was very happy with the overall video. Unfortunately I did not have a gallow, so I didn’t get to make my vision into reality, but I did what I could with a tree. If I were to change anything I would add more people being hanged. I felt as if I didn’t represent the story as well as I could of because in the poem the entire town gets hanged.


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