Race Day


Scott and I developed our idea off the music video “Golf Boys”. This video features its characters in goofy attire and they all have a sense of ‘silly seriousness’. Basically the whole idea of the video is to have the characters be serious but in a goofy environment so it gives off humor. We based our video off of this one making our characters serious, but in a goofy way. Having them be intense, when in reality they are grown boys racing down a hill in a wagon and go cart. As far as the technical aspect, we wanted our video to be vivid and bright. Giving the video a playful or childlike tint to it. We used all free handed shots and made sure the video was fast paced. I feel as though Scott and I portrayed our concept well but not as successfully as we could have. We did not have enough characters to create the intensity we may have liked. If I were to change anything it would be to have more characters and to make the video longer. This would represent our original idea better.


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