Dual Survival

Jake and I chose this topic because when we were trying to decide what kind of video would not only represent Westwood High but also be interesting, ideas of tips and skills came to mind. Once we solidified our general idea, we decided to replicate an episode of Dual Survival, a show based giving survival skills, basing it in our own environment, WHS. When we planned out our video we watched episodes of Dual Survival. We realized that shooting free hand was the best choice because it gave the video a more ‘rural’ feel, its a very hands on video so we thought why not shoot it hands on, literally. We encorporated not only shots of our characters giving advice and how to ‘survive’ in WHS but we also showed b roll of WHS in its natural environment to give the viewer a better understanding of the advice they gave. As far as finalizing the video we made sure to compress it down in length, we cut out shots we thought were less important and kept only the most vital shots that got the message across. If I were to change anything it would be to have more situations. Although we had a few, it would have been nice to have a longer time length and had more situations and tips.


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