Thundercrank Logo

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During my time spent thinking about a production logo name I tried to think of the most creative and unique moniker I could think of. I racked my brain for ideas and eventually came up with the name Thunder Crank Productions. This name does not mean anything to me, it was said by one of my teammates during a practice. He explained that it was part of a comedy skit he saw on comedy central.

After I chose the name Thunder Crank I thought to myself, this sounds like a pokemon attack. Then I thought that pokemon was too cliche. So I decided to make my logo a unicorn, shooting a thunder bolt out of its horn, above the words thunder crank written in a thunderous font with lightning shooting out from it. The logo represents the name. Thunder, the lightning, and crank, the unicorn because it produces lightning. This reflects my dark and mysterious style of videos. I do not enjoy making comedy, I prefer to have my audience on the edge of their seat trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

I created the logo using images and fonts from the Internet. I compiled these into adobe after effects and made my design. Placing the unicorn above the writing, I used a motion path to create the lightning bolt shooting from the creature.


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