Jake Drew and I entered into the underage drinking PSA contest. The purpose of this contest was to advertise the discouragement of underage drinking. This PSA did not require anything, but it did say that alcohol could not be used or any paraphernalia relating to alcohol. Also advertising any companies or products was prohibited as well. We chose this contest because, quite frankly, it was the most interesting of the three choices. It was between underage drinking, eating a healthy breakfast, and having good relationships with others. We felt that we could make the strongest PSA with this topic. When we were thinking of ideas for our PSA we considered the criteria of the contest and the criteria of a good PSA. We knew that PSA’s are often most effective when they are surprising, serious, or sarcastically funny. We decided to combine all three. My personal contributions to this project were; creating the idea, filming, and editing. Jake also filmed and edited alongside me. The most challenging part of this project was the script. We wanted the script to encompass humor, sarcasm, and the elements of underage drinking all at the same time, as well as being somewhat serious. If I were to do anything differently I would have written the script and made sure my actors memorize it word for word, rather than “ad libbing” when they felt it necessary. Our PSA had to be under 60 seconds so it was hard to edit when our actors rambled.


Client video

Our Client, Ms. Magee, wanted Sean and I to create a video that would demonstrate the procedures and safety precautions of the laboratory. When our client proposed that idea Sean and I decided to do a ‘how to’ video, demonstrating how to use the equipment and the steps one would take to being a responsible lab worker. As we pondered the style and format the video would be, we decided to make it a humorous video in order to grab the audiences attention. Lab procedure videos can be very boring, so we thought adding some humor in would be a great addition.

Creating a video for a client was a different experience. It caused Sean and I to be very organized. It was also slightly stressful because our worked was for another person to use and to show to others. This made us slightly nervous because at times that our communication with our client wasn’t at its best we did not know if we were on the right track. Overall, Sean and I were very happy with our work, our client also told us that they were satisfied. I would say that our biggest challenge was communicating with our client. At times we were not communicating and it was hard to know if our work was satisfactory.



When Scott and I were thinking of out idea and what we should do for our second creative project we thought back to a video we made years ago that was based off the idea of a bunch of bros going through a daily routine. Although the video was immature and extremely amateur it sparked our idea. We decided that we didn’t want to create our own scenario so we replicated an episode of Workaholics as best we could, shortening it down to fit the time requirements. We wanted to accomplish the idea of making a casual video. One where the footage was very free flowing, lots of longer single shots with movement rather than strict shots and angles. We also wanted to make humorous video that was actually humorous. Technically we excelled in our single shots. Especially during the hunting scene where we had an animal attack one of the characters. We had the camera basically be the animal. We kept the head of the animal at the bottom of the shot and had our character come in simultaneously. It basically looked as if the camera was attacking the character. Our multicam edit came in during a conversation scene. We had two people have a conversation in a car and we shot both of them simultaneously. It was successful but unfortunately the lighting for one character was very dark. If I were to do this project over I would have created better costumes for my characters. Some of the costumes were not as convincing as I had hoped them to be.




When we were asked to create a poem video I racked my brain for ideas and poems that I had read and heard. As I sifted through I remembered all the Shell Sylverstein poems that we read in the past as well as the Dr. Suess writings. I thought to myself that although those poems were funny and happy, they did not fit my film style. I started looking through poems on the internet when i remembered a poem I read in 8th grade called the Hangman. This poem was dark and mysterious and i felt like I could make a really neat video out of it. As far as my ideas for the video they were very straight forward. I did a literal narrative of the poem. As far as editing is concerned I freehanded the entire video just as I do for all of my videos. This gives the video a very ‘real’ feel, like the viewer is in the moment. It also gave the uncomfortable feeling that I love, especially when it comes to creepy or horror videos. I also chose to film at night and I did some color correction to make it even darker especially the reds symbolizing blood. I was very happy with the overall video. Unfortunately I did not have a gallow, so I didn’t get to make my vision into reality, but I did what I could with a tree. If I were to change anything I would add more people being hanged. I felt as if I didn’t represent the story as well as I could of because in the poem the entire town gets hanged.

Race Day


Scott and I developed our idea off the music video “Golf Boys”. This video features its characters in goofy attire and they all have a sense of ‘silly seriousness’. Basically the whole idea of the video is to have the characters be serious but in a goofy environment so it gives off humor. We based our video off of this one making our characters serious, but in a goofy way. Having them be intense, when in reality they are grown boys racing down a hill in a wagon and go cart. As far as the technical aspect, we wanted our video to be vivid and bright. Giving the video a playful or childlike tint to it. We used all free handed shots and made sure the video was fast paced. I feel as though Scott and I portrayed our concept well but not as successfully as we could have. We did not have enough characters to create the intensity we may have liked. If I were to change anything it would be to have more characters and to make the video longer. This would represent our original idea better.

Dual Survival

Jake and I chose this topic because when we were trying to decide what kind of video would not only represent Westwood High but also be interesting, ideas of tips and skills came to mind. Once we solidified our general idea, we decided to replicate an episode of Dual Survival, a show based giving survival skills, basing it in our own environment, WHS. When we planned out our video we watched episodes of Dual Survival. We realized that shooting free hand was the best choice because it gave the video a more ‘rural’ feel, its a very hands on video so we thought why not shoot it hands on, literally. We encorporated not only shots of our characters giving advice and how to ‘survive’ in WHS but we also showed b roll of WHS in its natural environment to give the viewer a better understanding of the advice they gave. As far as finalizing the video we made sure to compress it down in length, we cut out shots we thought were less important and kept only the most vital shots that got the message across. If I were to change anything it would be to have more situations. Although we had a few, it would have been nice to have a longer time length and had more situations and tips.

Thundercrank Logo

This video doesn’t exist


During my time spent thinking about a production logo name I tried to think of the most creative and unique moniker I could think of. I racked my brain for ideas and eventually came up with the name Thunder Crank Productions. This name does not mean anything to me, it was said by one of my teammates during a practice. He explained that it was part of a comedy skit he saw on comedy central.

After I chose the name Thunder Crank I thought to myself, this sounds like a pokemon attack. Then I thought that pokemon was too cliche. So I decided to make my logo a unicorn, shooting a thunder bolt out of its horn, above the words thunder crank written in a thunderous font with lightning shooting out from it. The logo represents the name. Thunder, the lightning, and crank, the unicorn because it produces lightning. This reflects my dark and mysterious style of videos. I do not enjoy making comedy, I prefer to have my audience on the edge of their seat trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

I created the logo using images and fonts from the Internet. I compiled these into adobe after effects and made my design. Placing the unicorn above the writing, I used a motion path to create the lightning bolt shooting from the creature.